Rejected Boredom

Not much to say about me. I'm currently an animation student trying to get my B.F.A. its slow going right now. I love to read, watch tv/movies, and basically be as lazy as I can. I'm not a morning person tend to not be fully awake till after 12 pm (but I work the early shift at work, so I try to be as pleasant as possible). I'm a bit of a tv junkie and can get pretty obsessed with a tv show if I like it a lot. I like reading spoilers for them, they don't bother me in the least. Said I like to read, which includes anything mention under my interests to random fan fics that are about the same pairings that I love in my different fandoms. There are many other types of books that I love to read just can't take the time to name them all. I'm a geek and proud to be one.